Weather and Dress

Temperatures usually range from 45 to 65. Mostly sunny but light rain is possible. A great time to bring family and friends for special events at reduced prices. Bring layers and a windbreacker.

Temperatures are usually 60 to 80. Mostly sunny but brief rain showers occur occasionally. Bring sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen.

Temperatures usually range from 45 to 65 during these months. Frost and snow are possible by late November. Dress in layers and have a windbreacker handy. September and October are usually lovely.

Temperatures are usually between 40 and 50, but anything between -10 and 70 is possible. A good time to come because many locals go south and you'll have the island to yourself. Dress warm and bring your raincoat plus a hat. Hillside House provides the hot cider, blazing fire and comforters.